Genomic testing for livestock.
We offer economical genomic tests for beef and dairy cattle, with free software to deliver actionable results.

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Launching Summer 2017

$15 Genomic Tests for Beef & Dairy Cattle.

Making it cheap enough to test your whole herd.

$15 Testing
Our market-beating pricing includes parentage, standard single gene tests, and recessive disease markers.
50k SNPs
Produces accurate within-breed results and means you don't have to test animals at lower densities.
Advanced Reporting
Our software makes it easy to understand and take action on results.
Industry Standard Predictions
We predict animal PTAs on type and production traits.

Our simple process.

We make genomic testing easy.


Send Tissue or Blood Samples

We work with partners to provide you with the best sampling types available.


Order Tests With 1 Click

We store samples at our facility, so you can order tests from our software at the touch of a button.


Quick, Actionable Results

We deliver results within 2 weeks in our software package.

Meet the TL Biolabs Leadership Team.

Making economical genomic testing a reality.

Making livestock more efficient.

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